How Much Do Tetras Cost? (Neon, Cardinal, Etc.)

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Tetras easily fit into any tank setup as long as their basic requirements are met. Moreover, some of the tetra species are affordable as well. So, how much do tetras cost?

The cost of tetras ranges from around $2 to $8, depending on the species you buy. The various factors that determine the final price of tetras are species, age, size, location of their natural habitat, availability, and breeding difficulty. Adult tetras are usually more expensive than young tetras.

Let’s now talk about the cost of different tetra species.

Various Tetra Species Cost

Given below is the approximate cost of the various species of tetras.

Tetras SpeciesCost
Neon Tetras$1 to $8
Cardinal Tetras$3 to $4
Diamond Tetras$8 to $10
Black Skirt Tetras$1 to $2
White Skirt Tetras$2 to $4
Rummy-Nose Tetras$3 to $4
Lemon Tetras$4
Glowlight Tetras$2

Let’s talk about these costs in detail.

How Much Do Neon Tetras Cost?

Neon tetras are arguably one of the most popular small fish.

Consequently, they are widely preferred by aquarists while setting up a tetra tank.

The cost of neon tetra differs by species. For example, you can get long-fin neon tetras for around $2, whereas diamond neon tetras may cost you up to $8.

Apart from the type, various other factors like size and age also determine the cost of neon tetras.

Adult neon tetras are usually more expensive than young ones.

It’s because young neon tetras require more care in the early stages.

They are more sensitive than the adult ones and hence are less expensive.

You may get a young neon tetra for $1 at the local fish stores, whereas an adult neon tetra will cost you at least $2.

Given below is the cost of different species of neon tetras:

  • Long-fin neon tetras — $1 to $2,
  • True neon tetras — $1 to $2,
  • Gold head neon tetras — $2 to $4,
  • Black neon tetras — $2 to $3,
  • Red neon tetras — $3 to $5,
  • Diamond neon tetras — $2 to $8.

Looking at the above costs, you may wonder why the prices vary even though all neon tetras belong to the same family.

The main reasons for the price difference are availability, breeding difficulty, and the natural habitat locations.

Wild-caught neon tetras will always be more expensive than captive-bred ones.

Also, the location plays a crucial role in determining the price of the neon tetras.

The farther the natural habitat is from your location, the more it will cost you.

This is because the final cost will include the transportation expenses and other safety protocols to transport the fish to your location.

If you consider the cost of captive-bred neon tetras, the price mainly depends on the breeding difficulty and the percentage of fry survival.

So, the cost of neon tetra may increase marginally depending on the neon tetra species that you opt for.

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How Much Do Cardinal Tetras Cost?

Cardinal tetras are freshwater fish that liven up any aquarium with their stunning colors.

The fins of these fish are transparent and have a unique variation of gold and silver color that sets them apart from the other tetras.

In most fish stores, cardinal tetras are sold for $3 to $4. If you compare the price of cardinal tetras with other tetra species, it’s are on the higher side.

Since the cost of these tetras is high, not all pet stores prefer to keep them.

However, if you are fond of raising cardinal tetras, you can breed them yourself.

How Much Do Diamond Tetras Cost?

Diamond tetras are unique fish with a subtle sparkling appearance.

They are a perfect choice for aquarists looking to add glamour and sparkle to their aquarium.

A pair of diamond tetras cost around $8 to $10. However, they are worth the price as their maintenance cost is low. Besides, they are also easy to care for and adapt well to any environment without much difficulty.

Diamond tetras can sometimes get a little skittish.

However, keeping them in a school of 6 or more of the same kind will more or less solve the problem.

How Much Do Black Skirt Tetras Cost?

Black skirt tetras are known for their fins and colors.

These fish are a great addition to any community tank due to their peaceful temperament.

The price for a pair of black skirt tetras may range from $1 to $2, depending on the store location.

These fish are very popular among hobbyists and are widely available for purchase at most fish stores.

How Much Do White Skirt Tetras Cost?

A pair of white skirt tetras will cost roughly $2 to $4. Since white skirt tetras are not as common as black skirt tetras, they are a little on the expensive side.

The white skirt tetras are a genetic morph of the black skirt tetras.

There’s not much of a difference between the two, except the former are the white equivalent.

They are docile and easy to care for fish.

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How Much Do Rummy-Nose Tetras Cost?

The cost of rummy nose tetras is in the range of $3 to $4. However, if you make a bulk purchase, it will cost you less.

Rummy-nose tetras are famous for their unique color patterns.

They are a good fit for a freshwater aquarium due to their gentle nature and quirky appearance.

How Much Do Lemon Tetras Cost?

Lemon tetras are one of the oldest fish kept by aquarists. Their transparent yellow-colored bodies can liven up any tank.

The cost of a pair of lemon tetras is around $4. Due to their low price, they are one of the most preferred fish by many aquarists worldwide.

These tetras are relatively small and hence don’t take up a lot of space in your aquarium.

Besides, they are undemanding and live a long life.

Since lemon tetras primarily school with their kind, you should keep a group of 6 lemon tetras together in a tank.

How Much Do Glowlight Tetras Cost?

Glowlight tetras are beautiful fish from Guyana.

These fish give an attractive look to an aquarium with their bright colors, especially if the aquarium has fluorescent light.

You can get a pair of glowlight tetras for as little as $2. Besides, they are readily available in most of the local markets or pet stores.

Another reason for glowlight tetras to be less expensive is that most aquarists breed them in large numbers.

Hence, you will seldom see a glowlight tetra caught from the wild.

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Why Are Cardinal Tetras More Expensive Than Neon Tetras?

Cardinal tetras are more expensive than neon tetras because they are caught in the wild, which invariably increases their price due to transportation and handling. On the other hand, neon tetras are primarily bred in captivity. So, they are more readily available and at a comparatively cheaper cost.

Another reason for the higher cost of cardinal tetras is that they are popular for their vivid colors.

Unfortunately, neon tetras are not as vibrant-colored as cardinal tetras.

Nevertheless, both of these fish are an excellent addition to any aquarium.


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