Do Jack Dempsey Fish Have Teeth? (5 Reasons Why They Bite)

Jack Dempsey fish with teeth

The predatory Jack Dempsey cichlids have fang-like teeth that help them grab a moving prey. They also have strong jaws and sharp teeth on their lower and upper jaws. These teeth help the Jack Dempsey cichlids crush and chew their food as well as bite the intruders while guarding their territories.

Let’s now understand if Jack Dempsey cichlids bite, why they bite and how to prevent their biting.

Do Jack Dempsey Cichlids Bite?

Jack Dempsey cichlids are aggressive, and they bite. These fish are known for their fierce personality.

They’re territorial, so they guard their territory by attacking the intruders.

They also become highly aggressive during mating or when kept in an overcrowded tank.

Jack Dempsey fish are unsuitable for community tanks because of their territorial and aggressive nature.

They’re known to bully docile fish to show their dominance and establish control inside the tank.

The male Jack Dempsey fish flirt with the females to woo and mate with them during the mating season.

They chase the females and even bite them without hurting them.

Jack Dempsey fish are an aggressive fish species from Central America.

The Central American cichlids are more likely to attack and bite their owners than the African cichlids.

Does Jack Dempsey Cichlid’s Bite Hurt?

Jack Dempsey cichlids are large carnivores, and their bite is extremely painful.

The fangs and sharp teeth of these fish are designed to pull a chunk of flesh out of their prey.

They’re also nicknamed “water wolves” because of their ability to hunt their prey in packs even if the prey is bigger than them.

Jack Dempsey fish are large cichlids with bigger, sharper teeth and a powerful jaw.

Their teeth are capable of easily piercing the skin or inflicting an injury.

Typical areas where these cichlids bite are the knuckles, fingers, and the back of the hands.

Why Do Jack Dempsey Cichlids Bite?

Jack Dempsey fish are aggressive and want to display their dominance inside the tank.

These fish bully other fish by chasing and nipping their fin to display dominance.

Given below are some of the reasons why Jack Dempsey cichlids bite.

1. Defend Their Territory

Like most cichlids, Jack Dempsey fish are also territorial. They don’t like to share their space.

So the intolerant fish will guard its space by not allowing other fish or its owner to enter its territory.

They feel threatened by anything that intrudes on their territory.

They will attack and bite the intruders to establish their dominance in the tank.

2. Overcrowded Tank

Jack Dempsey fish grow large when they mature. So they need a lot of space to swim.

They also don’t like to share their space with the other fish.

Keeping them in a smaller or overcrowded tank will create problems as they’re territorial.

They will get stressed by the constant intruders and display aggression to guard their territory.

They will chase and bite other tankmates to keep them away from their space.

3. Protect Eggs And Mates

The male Jack Dempsey fish become aggressive during the mating period and will protect the female fish.

After the spawning, the male and female fish will protect their eggs from others.

During the mating season, the male fish woos the female and takes her inside his territory, where the female can lay her eggs.

During this process, these fish don’t like any interruptions.

So they will chase away all intruders from their nest to complete the breeding process.

4. Bully Tankmates

Jack Dempsey fish are known for their aggression.

Keeping them with docile and peaceful fish isn’t recommended as they will bully the other fish by biting or nipping their fins.

These fish like to dig into the bottom of their tanks.

They will also uproot plants and move tiny decorations from one place to another.

So avoid keeping the Dempsey cichlids with smaller fish, or they will get eaten.

5. Fear

Jack Dempsey cichlids can also attack out of fear.

For example, they get frightened when your hand enters their space while cleaning the tank.

So they’ll get stressed and can bite your hand.

They also need plenty of hiding spaces like caves and hollow decor where they can seek refuge.

In the absence of adequate cover, they can get stressed and resort to biting.

How To Protect Yourself And Tank Inhabitants From Getting Bitten?

Given below are some ways to protect yourself and the tank inhabitants from getting bitten by the Jack Dempsey fish.

1. Avoid putting your hand in the tank.

Cleaning an aquarium

Jack Dempsey cichlids will vigorously defend their territory. So it’s best to avoid putting your hand in the tank to clean it.

Instead, use a piece of equipment to clean the tank.

Various equipment are available these days to help you fix the holes dug by the fish, move rocks and stones, and remove the leaves lying at the bottom of the aquarium.

For example, use a magnetic remover or a sponge with a handler to scrub algae from the tank walls and bottom.

You can also use a python hose for periodic water changes.

2. Don’t scare your fish.

Although Jack Dempsey fish are aggressive, they’re also shy.

So they can get stressed by the sudden movement of your hand inside the tank.

To keep the fish calm and stress-free, you should feed them well and avoid sudden hand or body movements.

You can also add plenty of plants and hiding spaces inside the tank to make them feel secure and comfortable.

3. Choose a large tank.

Jack Dempsey fish can grow up to 15 inches in length. In general, males grow bigger compared to females.

So these fish need a lot of space inside the aquarium.

The minimum tank size for a single Jack Dempsey fish is 80 gallons.

And every additional fish will need at least 50 gallons of extra water.

Keeping them in a large tank will provide them with adequate space, and they can easily establish their territories.

A large tank will also ensure more space for all the inhabitants, resulting in fewer interactions.

4. Feed them adequately.

An aggressive Jack Dempsey cichlid will attack other fish that seem threatening during the feeding sessions.

To minimize fighting for food, you must spread the food evenly throughout the aquarium so that every fish gets enough food.

You can also try feeding different varieties of foods to your fish.

This will reduce fights between them over one type of food as they will have options to eat.

5. Use a temporary divider.

By using a temporary divider, you can push your aggressive fish to one side of the tank.

This will allow you to put your hand in the tank to remove the leftover food and detritus from the tank.

This technique is also helpful if you’re breeding Jack Dempsey fish.

You can also separate the parent fish and fry inside the tank using a divider.

Do Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlids Bite?

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlids can get territorial, restless, and bite.

These dazzling fish are a variant of the Jack Dempsey bred in captivity.

They’re less aggressive than the Jack Dempsey fish and are the easiest cichlids for beginners to keep.

Do Gold Jack Dempsey Cichlids Bite?

Gold Jack Dempsey cichlids are omnivores and known to bite and devour small fish, insects, crustaceans, and worms.

Like Jack Dempsey fish, these fish can get territorial and attack or chase intruders.

They can also bully and nip fins if kept with docile and peaceful fish.

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