Do Aquarium Shrimp Need A Heater? [Ideal Water Temperature List]

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Shrimp adapt better to warmer conditions. So, do aquarium shrimp need a heater?

Yes, aquarium shrimp need a heater as it maintains warm and stable water temperatures. This helps increase the shrimp’s lifespan, mimic their natural habitat, and control the reproduction cycle. However, the heater must function correctly. Otherwise, it can affect shrimp’s growth and even be fatal.

Let’s now understand whether freshwater shrimp need a heater.

Do Freshwater Shrimp Need A Heater?

Shrimp are freshwater crustaceans that live in tropical waters throughout the world.

So, do freshwater shrimp need a heater in an aquarium?

Yes, freshwater shrimp need a heater to make the aquarium water warm enough for their needs. You can recreate the shrimp’s natural habitat by adding plants, gravel, and calcium-rich water to the aquarium. However, you must know the temperature needs of the shrimp before adding them to the aquarium.

Okay! So freshwater shrimp need a heater. But can shrimp live without a heater?

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Can Shrimp Live Without A Heater?

Yes, shrimp can live without a heater. However, in the absence of an aquarium heater, you must ensure that the ambient room temperature where the aquarium is kept remains warm and stable.

Shrimp that live in the wild can deal with minor fluctuations in the surrounding temperatures.

However, most shrimp that are kept in aquariums are bred in captivity and will find it challenging to adapt to temperature variations.

In addition, you need to consider whether they are freshwater or saltwater shrimp because there’s a big difference in their temperature requirements.

So the ideal water temperature for shrimp depends on the type of shrimp.

Water Temperature Requirements Of Various Shrimp

Different types of shrimp have different water temperature requirements to thrive.

Given below are the water temperature requirements of different species of shrimp.

Ideal water temperatures of various species of shrimp
Ideal water temperatures of various species of shrimp

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5 Reasons Why Shrimp Need A Heater

Given below are the five main reasons why shrimp need a heater in their aquarium.

1. Improves longevity.

Shrimp need warm water for their growth. However, temperature variations in warmer conditions can stress them.

Heaters can provide a stable water temperature or reduce the temperature variation to a minimum.

This reduces the stress levels, which increases the lifespan of shrimp.

2. Maintains metabolism.

Warm water improves the metabolism of shrimp, thereby making them healthy.

However, if the water temperature is too high, it accelerates the metabolism of shrimp.

This will make the shrimp eat more while increasing the stress on their internal system.

3. Avoids frequent molting cycle.

As shrimp grow, they molt. This means they shed their outer layer or cover.

The correct water temperature helps shrimp maintain a proper molting cycle.

However, if the water temperature is too high, the shrimp will grow faster, resulting in a frequent molting cycle.

This can increase the stress, and the shrimp will eventually be unable to maintain the molting cycle.

4. Lowers breeding cycle.

Shrimp require warm water to breed.

However, if the water temperature is too high, they will produce more offspring than usual.

Maintaining the correct water temperature ensures that the shrimp don’t breed profusely.

This way, you can control their breeding cycle.

So a heater also improves the lifespan of aquarium shrimp by reducing the stress caused by frequent breeding.

5. Improves offspring quality.

Stable water temperature helps control the breeding cycle of shrimp and ensures that the quality of the offspring is better.

On the other hand, if the breeding cycle increases, it can lower the quality of the newborns.

Let’s now understand the pros and cons of a heater in a shrimp tank.

Pros And Cons Of A Heater In A Shrimp Tank

A heater is an excellent device to control and provide a stable water temperature for your shrimp tank.

However, there are a few pros and cons of installing a heater in your shrimp tank.

Pros Of Installing A Heater In A Shrimp Tank

  • Provides stable temperature: A shrimp’s entire lifecycle depends on the water temperature of the tank. Warm water temperature helps them to grow and reproduce. If the water temperature is too high, it stresses the shrimp and affects their molting and breeding cycles. Conversely, if the water temperature is cold, their growth stops.
  • Mimics their natural habitat: A heater allows people living in cold areas to keep shrimp that are not native to those areas. With the help of a heater, you can create an environment that mimics the natural environment of shrimp.
  • Controls their reproduction cycle: The reproduction cycle of shrimp depends on the water temperature of their aquarium. So if you want the shrimp to reproduce, you can increase the water temperature. Similarly, to control their numbers, you can lower the water temperature.
  • Clears waste: Heaters help shrimp to grow healthy by providing suitable water temperatures. Healthy shrimp scavenge the waste lying on the aquarium floor. They clear the tank from the decomposing organic matter, thereby cleaning the waste and improving the water quality.

Let’s now also understand the cons or drawbacks of a heater in shrimp tanks.

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Cons Of Installing A Heater In A Shrimp Tank

  • Increases dependency: If you live in a cold area and wish to keep shrimp that belong to tropical areas, you will have to rely entirely on a heater to maintain water conditions that are suitable for the survival of shrimp. So if the heater breakdowns or fails to create the necessary water conditions, it can be fatal to the shrimp.
  • Deteriorates the aesthetics: If your aquarium heater is attached to the glass walls, it can affect your tank’s aesthetics. In addition, if your tank is small, it can cramp the aquatic inhabitants for space.
  • Inflates the cost of your aquarium: Shrimp need a warm and stable water temperature. So you will have to run the heater to avoid temperature variations. This directly increases the monthly cost of maintaining the aquarium.


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