Cavernous Assfish

Cavernous assfish is a deepwater marine fish species.

It’s usually found in the western central Pacific Ocean, south of Papua New Guinea, and the Southern Indian Ocean.

It’s also found in the Tasman Sea and off East Africa.

This fish dwells underwater at depths of around 8398 to 15780 feet (2560 m to 4810 m).

It lives offshore at about 62 to 434 miles from the shelf fault.


Given below is the scientific classification of cavernous assfish:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Ophidiiformes

Family: Ophidiidae

Genus: Porogadus

Species Scientific Name: Porogadus gracilis

Cavernous Assfish Appearance

Cavernous assfish has a slender body with a long and tapering tail. Its head is a little depressed in shape with a somewhat small eye.

This fish has a big mouth. The upper jaw of this fish extends beyond the eye.

Cavernous assfish is brown in color. However, its head and abdomen are black in color.

The teeth of this fish are tiny and conical in shape.

Here’s an illustration of what this fish looks like…

Cavernous Assfish

Cavernous Assfish Lifespan, Temperament, and Feeding Habits

Not much is known about cavernous assfish.

Hopefully, we will get to know more about this fish as additional studies and explorations of the deep waters are carried out.

Until then, it’s difficult to say anything about the lifespan, temperament, and feeding habits of this fascinating fish.

Tank Size for Cavernous Assfish

Cavernous assfish isn’t found in the aquarium trade, probably because it lives so deep in the ocean.

Interesting Facts About Cavernous Assfish

Cavernous assfish looks somewhat like Porogadus abyssalis.

However, it has only 16 to 18 pectoral fins against the 19 to 23 of Porogadus abyssalis.

It also has less number of precaudal vertebrae, 16 to 18, compared to 18 to 19 of Porogadus abyssalis.

Its head spines are also lesser in number and weaker than that of Porogadus abyssalis.