Can Guppies Live With Goldfish? (Yes and No, Here’s Why?)

Can Guppies Live With Goldfish

Everyone loves to have goldfish and guppies. These two are the most common fish that you will find in many fish tanks. But if you ever want to get these two fish for yourself, then the first question that will come to your mind is…

Can guppies live with goldfish? Guppies and goldfish can live together in one tank. However, it is not advisable to keep guppies and goldfish together. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t put these two species of fish together:

  1. Big goldfish may eat guppies.
  2. Guppies are known to nibble on the fins of goldfish.
  3. The temperature in the tank is different for guppies and goldfish.
  4. Dietary needs are different for goldfish and guppies.
  5. Water pH levels need to be different for goldfish and guppies.
  6. Goldfish and guppies can fall ill.

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these reasons now…

Will Goldfish Eat Guppies?

There are many different species of goldfish; all of them will grow to be bigger than a guppy.

As goldfish get bigger, they may have the urge to eat your guppies.

Usually, goldfish bought from a local pet shop is little, so it might be alright for you to put them in a tank with your guppies.

However, these cute little fish will grow. Your goldfish will become larger than your guppy in no time at all.

Once your goldfish becomes bigger than your guppy, it won’t be scared to feast on your guppies.

So it makes sense to keep these two types of fish in different tanks.

Remember that goldfish are generally peaceful fish, but they are known to munch on guppies.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Big fish eat smaller fish!

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On the other hand, guppies often enjoy nibbling on goldfish so let’s take a minute to look at this now.

Guppies Are Known To Nip On Goldfish Fins

The temperament of guppies and goldfish is different.

If you look once or twice in your guppy tank, you will notice that guppies like to go after one another.

Especially male guppies like bugging other fish in their tank.

However, goldfish are more peaceful fish.

This means guppies generally tend to harass goldfish when living in the same environment.

This leads to guppies nipping at the fins of your goldfish, which is another good reason not to put these two species in the same tank.

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Tank Water Temperature Needs To Be Different For Guppies And Goldfish

The water temperature in the tank needs to be different for guppies and goldfish. Guppies are tropical fish.

They need the water in their tank to be warm. Goldfish are usually considered “pond” fish. This makes them cold-water fish.

  • Guppies are happier living in water temperature that is around 77 degrees. You can maintain the water temperature in their tank by using a heater.
  • Goldfish can handle warm water for a short time. For instance, a goldfish that lives in a pond during the summer months will be just fine in warm water. However, goldfish usually thrive better when the water temperature is around 65 degrees.
  • Keeping guppies in cold water will make them more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. It may also make them eat less or quit eating altogether.
  • Putting goldfish in warm water for an extended time might cause your goldfish to become stressed. This could also reduce their lifespan.

If you do choose to keep guppies and goldfish in the same environment, you may be able to make some tweaks at your home to make this work.

For instance, if your house is warm enough to keep the temperature of your tank warm, then both types of fish could probably thrive together.

Now that you know about how temperature can affect guppies and goldfish let’s take a minute to look at the dietary requirements of these fish.

Different Dietary Needs Of Goldfish And Guppies

The dietary needs of guppies and goldfish are different.

The food made for guppies doesn’t contain the same nutrients that goldfish need to live.

Also, goldfish can be greedy eaters. They tend to devour everything that comes in their tank.

Most goldfish have no problem pushing other fish out of the way to get their food.

This means your goldfish will probably hijack your guppies’ food, leaving them with nothing at all to eat.

Of course, guppies are fast, but goldfish seem to know exactly how to get their food.

You really won’t be able to know for sure if your goldfish and guppies are getting the food they need to survive.

So, putting the two species together isn’t really a smart move.

Along with the dietary needs being different for both types of fish, the pH level in the water also needs to be different.

Let’s take a closer look at this now.

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Water pH Levels Needs To Be Different For Goldfish And Guppies

Goldfish thrive better in acidic water. Guppies like alkaline water.

This means you will have to keep a neutral pH balance in your tank. Many fish experts recommend the level be at 7pH.

It is also essential to understand that if you don’t change your water on a regular basis, it can turn acidic.

This is fine if you only have goldfish in your tank but remember guppies like alkaline water.

So don’t forget to change your water regularly if you are putting goldfish and guppies in the same tank.

Changing the water regularly can also help prevent your fish from getting sick or worse dying.

But since you will sometimes find goldfish and guppies become ill when placed in the same tank, let’s take a look at this now.

Guppies And Goldfish Can Fall Ill

Goldfish and guppies sometimes will become lethargic and stress out if they co-exist in the same tank.

One of the main reasons for this is the water temperature.

As stated earlier, both goldfish and guppies require different water temperatures.

You might also notice that generally, it is your guppies that get sick more often when placed in a goldfish tank.

This can happen because their dietary needs are not getting met.

Remember, goldfish often steal and eat all the food that you put in their tank.

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Conclusion & Final Tips!

The fact is that goldfish and guppies can live in the same tank.

However, many fish experts do not recommend you house them both in the same environment.

If you do choose to put them together, then make sure that you can quarantine goldfish and guppies separately if the need arises.

You should also take the time to observe your fish for making sure that every fish is getting along with the other and staying safe.

Your fish rely on you. They depend on you to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

So, it is essential to take the time to watch them for ensuring that they thrive and remain safe.

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